Hairpieces, Toupees, Hair Replacements ........ONLY $300 plus $10 S&H

                                             Our hairpieces are highest quality. You can specify ANY STYLE and ANY DESIGN.
                                                        We can even DUPLICATE your old hairpiece.         $300 plus $10 S&H.
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Base materials

We can sell you a custom made hair-replacement piece of ANY material, design, style, shape or color.  Usually when a very limited number of designs are available, they're not offering you a true "custom" piece, but rather one that's premade, off-the-shelf.  We have several suggested designs and base pictures here.

Each hair is individually hand tied into a mesh base material.  This material is usually some form of  monofilament similar to fishing line.  It is very light and durable.

You may choose a base material that's extremely fine with tiny holes, or one that's somewhat coarser with holes about like the screenwire on your windows.  The coarser material has more ability to breathe  because of the larger holes, but the finer material is more natural looking because it is nearly transparent and looks like skin.

Either  material can be fitted  with a clear poly-skin area at the parting area if you're very concerned about the  skin-like appearance of an open part.  You don't need to have a clear part area if you still have a considerable amount of natural hair remaining in the part area, because you're not going to see the bare skin anyway.

The  base is usually equipped with an area  that's poly-coated.  That area allows you to put tape, adhesive, or clips.  It strengthens the area where it is placed considerably.  I personally use the poly-coating all the way around the perimeter of the piece at a width of 3/4 inch.

The price of French lace material has gone up so much that we must start charging $30 extra when a piece uses that material.  If you don't include the extra cost we will produce the piece without the French lace.

We appreciate your business!

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