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Quality Hairpieces! only $300

This is a TRUE STORY, placed here to make a point about the price of hairpieces.

There was a farmer, John,  who was selling all his baby calves at a huge price.  I asked him how on earth he was able to get such a price for them.  He said it was his quality.  I assured him that they indeed, looked very nice.  He explained that he paid $35,000 for his bull.  With such a fine father, the calves must be great...... right?

Well I asked Tom,  the neighbor who had sold him the high-priced bull, why it was so special.  He explained to me that the quality of any product is usually judged by it's price.  He went on to explain that he and John had sold bulls to each other. Each farmer had, in fact, paid the other $35,000 for their bull.  In effect the farmers had done nothing more than TRADE BULLS.  Each farmer had ended up with exactly the same amount in their pockets that they started  out with, but by handing the money back and forth, they could now tell everyone about the wonderful expensive animal they had purchased.

Our competitors are selling you an expensive bunch of bull.  Most suppliers keep their hair prices high, because a lot of people judge the quality of a hairpiece by it's price. 

Please don't judge our hairpieces by our price. At  only $300 our hairpieces are the finest that can be bought.  They are totally hand tied one hair at a time.    If you really insist upon the idea that a higher price means a better product, then go ahead and send us a few hundred extra dollars.  That's exactly what you'll be doing if you buy your hairpiece elsewhere.  You surely don't want to pay more for the EXACT SAME PRODUCT....... from our competitors! 


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