Hairpieces, Toupees, Hair Replacements ........ONLY $300 plus $10 S&H

                                             Our hairpieces are highest quality. You can specify ANY STYLE and ANY DESIGN.
                                                        We can even DUPLICATE your old hairpiece.         $300 plus $10 S&H.
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The color is fairly easy to specify.  Simply cut a generous  clipping from your own hair.  One clipping is all that's needed for a stock piece, since stock pieces are the same color all over.  If you send us a skimpy clipping your color cannot be exact. An old hairpiece is an excellent source of color if it is the color you want.

 For custom orders it would be nice if you'd send a clipping from the various areas of the head.   Label each cutting so that we can know where it came from, and attach it to a piece of paper with clear tape.

If you regularly color your natural hair, you probably should send us clippings at an average color.    Your hair is probably darkest right after it is colored.  It is lightest just before you re-do it.  So you should send samples somewhere between the darkest and lightest extremes.

Highlights are sometimes desired.  If you specify highlights we can use lighter colors in the temples, front, or anywhere you specify.  It gives a very natural look.  It looks like you've been out in the sun a lot.   You should be careful specifying highlights, since it can make you  feel like it's a color mismatch.  Highlights are only available on our custom hairpieces.  Some people want highlights blended evenly.  Some people want it to be in streaks.  Streaked hair has lighter patches of hair tied into the hairpiece so the base will look like it has dots but you can only see that from the bottom.  

If your hair is white, gray or any extremely light color, we recommend that you choose synthetic hair.  Gray hair is no problem.  You should, however, be very generous with your clippings.   Some people intentionally put a little less gray into their hairpiece than they have naturally.  Gray hairs should  be synthetic, even if the basic piece is human hair overall.

Every now and then we make a hairpiece that perfectly matches the samples provided, yet the customer is not happy with the color.  The usual problem is that the color samples they send is not the color the customer remembers his hair.   If you want less gray than the color samples that you provide, you should specify that in your order.  It's simple to make your hairpiece very gray around the edge, and yet blend in much more color on the top and crown.   The best way to get the color you want on the top is to supply us with a sample of the color that you want on top, even if you no longer have any hair on top.  Occasionally customers want hair that's much lighter than the samples they send us.  They have grown accustomed to their old faded piece that's much lighter than their hair, and much lighter than the samples they send us.  When they get a new one they are not happy with it. We can only make a hairpiece the color of the samples you send.  If you want it lighter, you must provide lighter samples. 
We appreciate your business! 

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