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  How to cut a HAIR SYSTEM

Hairpieces always come from the factory uncut and unstyled.  You should take your new hairpiece to a stylist to have them cut it.  It is best if they do it ON YOUR HEAD.  You should ALWAYS go to someone who does NOT sell hairpieces.

This information is for the hairdresser or stylist who has never cut in a hairpiece before.  Print it and take it to your hairdresser or stylist:
Cutting  and styling the hairpiece is almost exactly like cutting and styling the natural head of hair .  There are only a couple of important differences:

The main thing you MUST do is keep the hair longer than you'd expect where it hangs down the sides and back of the head.  

Start an inch away from the base material of the hairpiece, and thin away about 10% of the hair using thinning shears.  Proceed a little further away from the base and thin another 10% of the hair away.  Proceed on out the strands of hair another half inch,  thinning another 10%.   Keep doing this until at the very ends of the hair there's very little hair left.

The  idea is to make sure there is NO DISTINCT LINE where the hair from the hairpiece starts.  It should be totally feathered in.  If this is done correctly, even drastic color mismatches or drastic texture mismatches are not even noticed at all.

We have customers who are totally gray around the edges, yet use dark brown or black hairpieces, and it looks like the gray  just blends away into the black.   Using this gradual blending technique, the result is a very normal graying around the edge look.  It is totally unnecessary that the amount of gray in the piece match the natural hair.  No gray, a little gray, or a lot of gray--it makes no difference. It will blend in and look natural, if it is cut right.  If there is an abrupt line where the hairpiece stops, even the slightest color difference will show.

You should use old-fashioned thinning shears to do this. Only thinning shears that have teeth like the teeth of a comb are suitable.  We strongly suggest that you not attempt to cut in a hairpiece without them.

The top and front of the hairpiece is exactly like cutting the top and the front of natural growing hair. Remember, if you botch a normal haircut, it'll grow back.  If you mess up a hairpiece it won't.

 We strongly suggest that you cut the hairpiece in two stages.  The first time, leave the hair far longer than the client usually wears his hair.  This gives an opportunity for the hair to calm down and settle in.  Then when the client comes back for their natural hair to be cut, you can take the piece down a little more.  We have seen more than a few pieces ruined by the stylist cutting too much.  The hair will be much more cooperative after it has been worn for a couple of weeks.  It will also seem less dense after it calms down.  The second cutting will allow you to make it into a work of art.


LEAVE IT TOO  LONG at first.
THIN A LOT NEAR THE ENDS of the hairs.
If you have difficulty getting someone to cut the hairpiece, let me know.  You can return it to me and we will cut it for you for a fee of $30 plus $10 postage.  We cannot make it perfect without it being on your head, but we can get it close. Sometimes barbers or stylist are much more comfortable "fine tuning" the piece if most of the job is already done. We will only take off enough to give a shaped, wearable,  tapered look. An extremely fine job or short style is best done on your head.  Stylists who are not familiar with hairpieces are much more apt to cut it for you if you WEAR IT into their shop already attached, especially the first time.

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