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We can sell you the finest quality hair replacement system available anywhere, for just $300.   We sell at wholesale prices to everyone.

You can take your new hair to your local barber or stylist, to have it cut-in and blended with your natural hair.  Anyone with normal hair cutting skills can do it.  Our "freestyle" units can be cut and fashioned into almost any style  you prefer, just as your natural hair can. 

Almost all reputable suppliers are now selling the exact same piece, from the exact same factory, made of the exact same materials.   When our competitors sell you their "more expensive model"  they're just pulling your leg.  They all cost them about the same amount,  regardless of the design.  The only thing different is the price. French lace does cost $30 extra.

We sell wholesale to everyone, whether you are a business or  an individual! 

We encourage home-based family-owned businesses!! After all--that's exactly what we are!!
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