Hairpieces, Toupees, Hair Replacements ........ONLY $300 plus $10 S&H

                                             Our hairpieces are highest quality. You can specify ANY STYLE and ANY DESIGN.
                                                        We can even DUPLICATE your old hairpiece.         $300 plus $10 S&H.

Human or Synthetic?

This is an age-old question.  I personally prefer human hair. Synthetic has improved until it's very hard to tell synthetic from human.  Beware of fancy names attached to both synthetic and human hair.  I've heard of everything from Cyberstuff to Superhair.  The fancy trade names don't make it a bit better.

Human hair can be recolored when it fades.  Human hair has the unique ability to have different colors in different light.  Human hair simply acts and feels more like your own hair did.  It is less damaged by the heat of cooking or similar activities.  It just feels more like real hair. Maybe that's because it is real hair.

Synthetic hair lasts longer. It breaks less.  It fades less.  It holds curl better.   There have been many instances of synthetic pieces ruined by someone who stood too close to the fireplace or barbecue grill.

Gray hair should  always be synthetic or yak.  Human hair is greatly weakened when it is bleached all the way to white or light gray.

Our synthetic hair is the very best quality available anywhere.  It is a blend of several kinds of synthetics, to get the best characteristics of each.  If there is a certain kind of synthetic, or a particular blend that you want, just mention it and we can custom blend it for you.

Our human hair is extremely good quality.  Our custom pieces are manufactured to match  the sample of your natural hair that you send us.  We make every effort to match both the color and texture.

Remy hair is claimed to be the very finest quality human hair.  It goes through less processing.  It is rarely used because of it's cost.  Many companies charge as much as $400 extra for Remy.  We keep all cost down as low as possible, so it is only $50 additional cost from us.  If you want  your piece made with Remy hair just specify that with your order.

Yak hair is white animal hair.  Some people request it for the grays.  It is usually used when there is a need for natural hair due to a rare alergy to synthetics as a substitute for the white or gray synthetics.  Yak hair has a slight shine.

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