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The integration unit is for people who have a considerable amount of hair left, but lacks fullness. Your natural hair is pulled through the holes.  Each time you re-order, you can increase the density of the hair, and reduce the size of the holes, until you have no natural hair left.  This totally eliminates the going, going, gone heartbreak.  Instead you have a little help, a little more help, and finally lots of help.  Nobody will ever suspect.  You need to realize that pulling every bit of your natural hair through is quite a job.  This is not for everybody.  It's only for the person willing to put the time and effort into it.  You will probably need a helper to pull your hair through the holes each time.  The total cost is just $300.  It takes about ninety days to have this product made for you.   The most common size for this product is seven inches by nine.  Some people who only have a small bare patch right on the back use perfectly round pieces.  You just need to describe your situation to us, or better yet, make an exact pattern of your head.

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