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Patterns are recommended for custom pieces but not manditory!!

We highly recommend that you make a pattern of your head for custom pieces.  The method that we describe here is the best way that we have found.

Materials needed:

cling-type food wrap (this is the extremely thin, clear stuff that sticks together)
scotch-type clear tape,
wide, clear, thin, shipping tape
permanent marker or grease pencil
a helper

Carefully lay the food wrap over your head.  Your hair usually lays flatter, and the food wrap stays down better if your hair is slightly moist.  Gently smooth the foodwrap firmly in place over the head.  If the hair is held down in the process, you'll get a better form.  Use only ONE LAYER of the food wrap.

Now go around the head, at about eyebrow heighth, with the scotch tape.  This helps make the food wrap a little more stable.   A couple of strips across the head, like an "X" seems to help.  

Now you're ready to stiffen the mold.  Start cutting pieces of the wide packaging tape, about three or four inches long.  Stick the short pieces of wide tape all over your food-wrap-protected head.  Two or three thicknesses of tape should be used.   Heavy reinforced tape should not be used.  Our shipping to China is very expensive, so if you have heavy materials, we won't use them. .

With black permanent markers or grease pencils trace where you want the edge of the hairpiece.  After you remove the mold you can cut the pattern at the marks.  The shape you create is the shape your hairpiece will be.  These patterns are useless if you are ordering a stock piece, since stock pieces are all the same average size and shape.    If you do not provide a pattern or an old hairpiece for a custom shape, the piece will be made an average shape.  

Pictures of yourself before you lost your hair would be helpful, as well as pictures of you now.  You can email the pictures to us, or send them with your order.  We will return them to you.

Take cuttings from your hair, for color.  Take them from several areas of your head and label each one, telling us which part of the head it came from.  Tell us if you want highlights on any section of the head.  Some people want it to look like they have been out in the sun a lot.   Specify if you want human or synthetic hair.

You can now package this mold, and mail it to us at Wholesale Hairpieces 58 Choncie Lee Road, Caneyville, KY 42721.   

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