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A major portion of our business involves selling to stylists and other professionals.  We are one of the leading distributors of hairpieces to stylists and  retailers.  If you are serving a major metropolitan area with hundreds of clients--we welcome you.  If you are an individual entrepreneur, home-based business, expecting to sell enough to pay for your own hair needs, we welcome you just as whole-heartedly.   We welcome your business and will gladly do anything we can  to help you to get started.

Even if you've never sold anything in your life, you can sell our products.  The fact that you wear our products, makes you the perfect person to sell them.  Even if you just sell enough to pay for your own hair needs, that's not bad.  It is quite  possible for you to make a good living  selling our product.

We are very flexible.  Email us and tell us how we can help you to get started.  

It is a product that you'll be glad to sell to your friends.  The great part is that you can sell it for...say.... $390 and still be far far under the price they're already paying elsewhere.    We ask you to please keep your profit margins small.  I have always strongly believed that if you sell the best product that can be obtained at a price that is lower than the customer can find the same high quality elsewhere, your business will grow and flourish.  It has worked for us, and it can work for you.

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