Hairpieces, Toupees, Hair Replacements ........ONLY $300 plus $10 S&H

                                             Our hairpieces are highest quality. You can specify ANY STYLE and ANY DESIGN.
                                                        We can even DUPLICATE your old hairpiece.         $300 plus $10 S&H.
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Hair Styles:

Quite often we have people who specify that they want a certain "style" of hairpiece.  They want to look like Burt Reynolds or Little Richard or a dozen others.  Sometimes they like the style of the model on our main page. Hairpieces are just like a natural head of hair.  They can be shaped into any style. 

You must understand that hairpieces are NOT READY TO WEAR when they are delivered, unless you specifically  have us to cut it and style it.  We strongly suggest that you have a barber or stylist in your neighborhood to do it.  It should be someone who does not sell hairpieces.  They become angry when you don't buy from them. 

You can however, order the hair to have a "tendency" to lay toward the left or to the  right or Freestyle having no tendency at all. 


Freestyle--having no built-in tendency.  Can be worn in most any style.

Left part--hair wants to lay toward the right.  Part cannot easily be moved.

Right part--hair wants to lay toward the left.

Straight back--Straight back styles are the most difficult.  The edge of the piece is totally exposed for the world to see.  A better idea is to have the hair going forward a little and then turning backward.  Freestyle pieces do this quite well.  We suggest a lace front if you're going to pull the hair straight back.  Lace is probably the least detectable front available.  

Custom made hairpieces can be made any way you can imagine.

Quite often we have people who ask us to cut a hairpiece for them. Sometimes stylists  overcharge.  We've heard of stylists charging as much as $50, and in some rare cases even $100. Luckily most communities have more than one stylist.  Ask for a price before you have the work done.   We strongly suggest that you go to a stylist who does not sell hairpieces.  They really get upset when people buy elsewhere.

It is certainly best if the piece is cut on your head.  If you find it difficult to get someone to cut it,  return it to us, and we will cut it for a fee of $30 plus $10 shipping. The cut should make it wearable.  We try to leave it a little longish. It is better to be too long than too short.  It certainly won't grow back. 

Sometimes we find that barbers or stylists who have never cut a hairpiece are more able to do it if we cut it first.  They are just fine-tuning it, instead of making the radical initial cut.  We do not do work on people's heads.  We closed our salons twenty years ago. 

We will not cut any piece before it is sent to you, but certainly not a custom made piece.  If you have any complaints, they should be addressed before it is cut.  We can  not guarantee you will be satisfied with the cut, even though we feel that we do an excellent job.
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