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Stock Premade or Custom Made  Hairpieces $300.

Fine Mesh Hairpieces:

Our mesh hairpieces are very durable, cool, and lightweight.  We sell more fine mesh hairpieces than any other kind.  When fine mesh material is placed against the scalp, it looks like skin.  Meshfine mesh with PU band pieces can be custom made with several different designs.  The most common design is fine mesh with a PU band all the way around the edge.  The PU band can be custom made in any width you want.  The most common is a 3/4 inch band.  We occasionally have customers who want coarser meshes and sometimes even double layers of mesh.  These fine mesh pieces are so popular that we keep most all colors on our shelves, as stock 7 by 9 inch pieces for immediate shipment. $300 . 


Lace is the most undetectable material used inwide lace front hairpieces today.  It is also the most delicate. It is very similar to a woman's wedding veil.    It is so thin that the hairs look like they are growing out of the skin. It is most commonly used just across the front.   A lace front hairpiece is very nice  if you wear your hair pulled tightly back showing the front edge. French lace used anywhere on the hairpiece costs $30 extra.  

One major improvement on a lace-front piece is the addition of PU behind the lace.  The PU gives a goodPU behind lace front hairpiece strong area for application of strong tapes or long term adhesives.   The narrow brown edge shown here is to be trimmed away before use.   Our finely detailed workmanship is very obvious in this design.  It's $300 plus $30 extra if French lace is used.

Some of our customers have us to build hairpieces for them that totally Lace.  Those pieces look very natural, but don't last nearly as long as our more durable mesh pieces.  For those people who want totally lace pieces, we suggest that you go ahead and all
            lace with PU back and sides put a PU band at least around the back and sides.  If you don't use some PU areas,  you will be faced with the fact that you have nothing but  the fine delicate lace to apply tape, clips, or adhesives to.  Strong adhesives will be almost impossible to clean from the lace without destroying it.  There are many ways that lace can be used as a material on hairpieces.  Our customers are always coming up with new ideas. The cost is  just  $300 plus $30 extra if French lace is used..  

 A very narrow quarter inch strip of folded lace is sometimes used Quarter inch lace
            on mesh piece along the front of a mesh piece.  This makes a nice front edge, with the durable PU band is close behind the lace.  A PU band always adds a lot of strength to a hairpiece and it certainly makes a good place to add tape or adhesive.  The fine mesh material behind the PU band is extremely durable and really looks good when it is placed against the skin.   If you do not pull  your hair tightly back showing the edge of your front hairline, you are  better off buying mesh instead of lace.  It's  $300 plus $30 for the cost of French lace.  


Thinskin is  durable yet looks like skin.  The demand forthinskin hairpiece these pieces has been  great. They can be produced in three different thicknesses.  The material is non porous, soft, pliable,  and conforms to the irregular shape of the scalp quite well, making them very comfortable. This is our second best selling hairpiece surpassed only by fine mesh .  A lot of our competitors inject hairs into this material.  Injected hairs do not hold as well as our hand tied hairs.  Injection is a cheap quick way to reduce the labor cost, but we prefer not to do it.  Yes, just $300.  

We also offer custom made integration pieces.  These pieces have large holes which allow the remaining natural hair to beintegration hairpiece pulled through.  They can be produced with tiny 1/4 inch holes, 1/2 inch holes or even one or two inch holes. The larger holes allow the underneath hair to be pulled through easier and just adds fullness.  This is a very popular item for men or women who have thinning but no totally bare areas.  We can even make them with mesh material where your hair is completely gone and integration material where you have remaining hair. They're just $300 too.

Regardless of what you need--Human hair or synthetic,  custom made or stock ready-made, they're $300  (up to 8 inches by 10 inches in size)
($30 more if French lace is used).

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