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`Hairpiece Supplies

Red Color Correcting Shampoo  This shampoo is designed to prevent,  reduce, or totally correct any red or gold tendency of human hairpieces.  It's effect increases with each use.   It includes a very mild FDC dye so letting it soak into the hair increases the coloring action. Test on a small strand of hair before using.  No dye is effective on synthetic hair. 8oz. bottles  $9.50

Citrus Solvent  This is one of the most essential hairpiece supplies.  It is used to clean up the tape or adhesive residue that's left on a hairpiece after it's removed. It is almost impossible to clean up a lace piece without this solvent.   It has a pleasant citrus smell. This is a very effective solvent yet it was found safe for all common hairpiece materials that we tested. .
8oz. size is $10.

Hair Clips  We have had many requests for hairclips.  We have the medium size for $2.50 each.

PURS This is a liquid material designed for making your own repairs on hairpieces. It is usually painted onto any weak or torn areas to reinforce it.  More layers can be added for further strength. $15.00

Fine Lace Fabric Some people like to reinforce a weak base by adding a layer of lace to the wet PURS .  A 7X9 piece of lace material is $10.  By gluing the new piece to the ole piece you are able to reconstruct a very strong base. We also have some people who like to make their own hairpiece from scratch.  This lace is suitable for that if you are inclined to do that.

Shipping charge is $10.  Bulk wholesale orders  and shipping outside the US will be priced upon request.  We will not accept ANY credit cards from outside the US, even for small supply orders. 
 We do not  accept PayPal or credit cards for hairpieces.  We will accept them for small supply orders shipped to the US.

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