$300. Men's wigs, toupees, hairpieces, hair replacements, hair systems, for male pattern baldness
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Tapes and adhesives

These are items we keep on hands for immediate shipment to you.    

Transparent  doubleface tape, 3/4 inch wide,  36 yards long.....$16.00 per roll

Soft bond adhesive reminds me of rubber cement,  powerful. It stays extremely soft.  If your hairpiece has PU around the edges you can apply this adhesive directly to the hairpiece since it cleans up quite well with solvent.  It's manufacturer claims that it will keep your hairpiece attached for as much as a month. I personally like this product since it is easily removed and cleaned up with most any of the citrus solvents.  It is somewhat thicker and easier to handle.  It is $32.50 for a three ounce bottle and the manufacturer will vary from time to time depending on what we can get.

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