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Women's products:

Women have complained for a long time that men's hairpieces are far superior to anything available for women.  It's true.  Men's hairpieces are hand made, custom fitted, superior materials.  Most of the women's wigs and pieces are machine made, stretchy one-size-fits-all and of generally shoddy materials.  For this reason, more and more women are having wigs or hairpieces custom made, in factories that normally just make products for men.  It's the only way to get the quality that today's women want.

A rapidly growing number of women are taking advantage of our low prices, and having us to make hairpieces or full wigs for them.  Since we offer totally custom-made products, they are quite easily fashioned into something very suitable for women.

There seems to be three kinds of women's need:
1.  Some women are especially thin on top, very similar to male pattern baldness.  This is quite easily dealt with with a top only piece very similar to a man's.  Usually the tape area is kept quite small.  If the thinning is serious, a  close weaved mesh or silk  piece is best.  If only a smaller amount of hair needs to be added,  the fishnet type material is used, so that the remaining natural hair is pulled through.
2.  Some women need a full head coverage, due to overall thinning or total loss of hair.  Chemotherapy and various medications can be an obvious possible factor here.  Full coverage wigs are of the same high quality workmanship and the exact same materials as men's top only pieces.  The full-coverage pieces can also be of fishnet pull-through design, or any of the various durable light-weight materials available for men's pieces.  The same hard-to-detect front edges  can be used for women's products.  A very accurate pattern needs to be made since there's no stretchy materials or adjustment areas used.  You need to carefully read the ordering information and the information about making the pattern.  A full-head-coverage wig is $450.  Any hairlength longer than four inches is slightly more.
3.  Some women just want the convenience and style of a quality wig.  It gives them the ability to change their color or style quite easily and conveniently.  It's easy to just slip on a wig instead of completely revamping your own hair.  These needs are usually best met by allowing a stretchy area in the back, to make a quicker easier on and off.  The rest of the piece can still be of the high quality men's-type material, including the hard-to-detect edges.

Whatever the need, we can custom make any product for you.  Any style, any hair length, any material---no  problem!!

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